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Use our customized apps to efficiently collect vital gaming stats necessary to optmize your casino casino operation.

Our casino apps play an important role in maximizing your floor efficiency and data recording accuracy.

Introduction to Casino Optimization Model

Casino floor is a complex operation with multiple variables and significant volatility. To maximize profits, you need a model that explores a multitude of possibilities in order to discover the best outcome. 

Table profit is given by the formula:

"Table Revenue - Table Cost"

where Table Revenue is a product of House Advantage, Game Speed, Table Utilization and Average Bet. 

Since Game Speed decreases non-linearly as utilization increases, OPTIMAL patrons per table is a trade-off between Game Speed and Head Count per table ...


Start Your Dream Website in Minutes with MotoCMS Easy Website Builder for Beginners and Professional

MotoCMS is the easiest website builder for beginners with a simple visual drag and drop editing, eCommerce plugin, and responsive design. This easy website builder platform will give you everything to power your new website and start your own online brand.


4 Simple Steps to Create Your Site with a Website Builder


1. Choose a Template   

Let's start with the most interesting part - the design! We have more than 2500 ready-to-use website templates for all business niches. As soon as you choose something appealing to your taste, you will be able to tweak its structure, color scheme and install the theme to the existing domain. Though, if you have not yet picked the domain name and hosting provides, our customer care team will help you find the most suitable solution.


3. Add Custom SEO and Analytics   

As soon as the design is ready, it's high time to take care of its search engine optimization and performance. Using our easy website builder for beginners, you will have a chance to add the necessary SEO settings to your website, following simple tips from our SEO optimization guide. It was created especially for MotoCMS clients keeping in mind their needs. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics integrated with the admin panel will also help you better track the results.


2. Customize It and Add Your Content   

Got the right template and want to know what to do next? Use easy website builder functionality and change the layout the way you want. You can change its color scheme and structure, upload your images, add your logo and create custom texts. The final result can be different from the initial template and look as if you have built a website from scratch on your own. Never stop experimenting, make your website unique and exclusive.


4. Publish and Promote It Online   

Publish and Promote It Online Well done! Your website is live and ready to welcome the visitors. Easy-to-use admin panel powered by easy website builder will help to promote your business online and connect it to the social networks. With a number of helpful widgets, such as Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, or Pinterest Board, you will be able to share the latest feed right on your website. Moreover, you can add Social Buttons and share the content easily!/