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Our special designed casino apps play an important role in maximizing your floor efficiency and data recording accuracy.

Our Apps are:

  • EasyBaccaratSurvey
  • EasyRouletteSurvey
  • EasyBlackJackSurvey
  • EasyPokerSurvey
  • EasySicboSurvey


What Can You Do with EasyCasinoSurvey Apps

Some casino executives believe that optimal utilization of a gaming table is to have as many people as possible around the table at any point in time, without taking into consideration game type and price point.


A scientific approach based on empirical observations reveals that while the above method is efficient from labor cost perspective, it will have a negative impact on table's profits. 


Optimal utilization at a table can be determined by a straight forward mathematical equation and is highly dependent on two variables: game speed and average bet.


EasySurvey Apps assist you with accurately and efficiently collecting the relevant table stats to optimize the table games. 


We can also customize the apps according to your requirements.







Why Collecting Table Stats?

Determine the variables required for Casino Optimization Model: 


- Average Game Speed 

- Average Bet 

- Actual House Advantage based on bets distribution



Evaluate staff productivity:


- Dealers' game speed

- Identify best dealers and assign them to high revenue tables

- Identify weak performers and provide training

How Casino Optimization Model Works?

Introduction to Casino Optimization Model


Casino floor is a complex operation with multiple variables and significant volatility. To maximize profits, you need a model that explores a multitude of possibilities in order to discover the best outcome. 

Table profit is given by the formula:

"Table Revenue - Table Cost"

where Table Revenue is a product of House Advantage, Game Speed, Table Utilization and Average Bet. 


Since Game Speed decreases non-linearly as utilization increases, OPTIMAL patrons per table is a trade-off between Game Speed and Head Count per table ...